Definitely diesel its a 7 seater so turbocharged diesel is good in the city ad well ad for long trips . you can search on google also. Yes, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga comes with a BS6 engine. ET Auto privacy and cookie policy has been updated to align with the new data regulations in European Union. The Diesel engine is 1248 cc while the Petrol engine is 1462 cc. It is available in 7 colors and Automatic transmission option in the Philippines. For example, when you wait on a traffic signal so the car is not moving. so here i would suggest Mahindra Morazzo, It shows at which speed you can get maximum mileage, Go for test drive and deside which is ur need, Not for raceingFor family trips it is best. New Maruti Ertiga would be a great option if you want a more fuel efficient car and want to keep it for long. Main menu Realistic fuel economy depends on you mainlyin power driving petrol)diesel gives youcity 8- 11/9- 12highway 11- 15/12-17in economy drivingcity 9- 12/11-14highway 13-16/15-19. If budget is not a problem then Innova is the Top Notch. Note that cooling depends on ambient temperature outside and it's effect on the cabin temperature i.e. It's a 7 seater with optional 8 seatboot capacity nearly 315 litres with back seats to a whopping above 700 litres with only front seats. or any you can suggest. Hence I don't know, Like other Maruti Suzuki vehicle the cost of spare parts of Ertiga are minimum compare to other brands vehicle, Yes 4 variants are available vdi.vdi+.zdi.zdi+, After June 2021 might be possible. We the buyers of that session would like to place a request to MSI - to recall the cars and convert them to BS6 at some nominal cost options plus add LED DRL front and back will boost the car sales definitely by after sales care for the customers with update versions thus will add recommendations from existing customers to new buyers for MSI cars and continued customer care. And even though this car has grown significantly larger than its predecessor (by 130mm in length, 40mm in width, and 5mm in height), the overall kerb weight has decreased by 20kg across variants. I purchased to ertiga . On the other hand, Innova Crysta is more spacious and way more powerful option. Launched at prices starting Rs 7.44 lakh, the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is on sale in 10 variants. ZXI and ZXI+ are top end models while VXI comes 2nd. To get fresh feel, the features in Zxi offers b**g for your buck. With the production of the 1.3-litre diesel discontinued, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is now only on sale with the 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engine options. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride before making the final decision. Plus wheel alignment and coolent. otherwise also fit one ad your rear window is small even if 5 are on board reversing is a big task mainly on down hill ...try it during test drives. Old Ertiga also good but space is low and but old Ertiga back seaters can be band but new eritiga car model is good and space is more back side model is changed and inside interior design is good looking. bu trecently i drove Mahindra Morazzo which surprisingly delivered 21 kmpl on highway and 19 in the city.I would say it all depends upon your driving style and the cars engine and its dynamics. No , not in my knowledge. I will prefer Ertiga over Marazzo as it is much more spacious then Marazzo. The gear box which is automated - where in you do not use your hand to shift gears often except than to select the mode to run, parking etc since those are controlled electronically to shift gears in run mode . You may click on the given link and select your desired city for an estimated, We would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized service center in your city as they would be able to assist you with the exact cost and the availability. Sunroof feature is not available in Maruti Ertiga. YES PETROL AND DIESEL TOP END VARIANT ONLY. The 2019 Ertiga Black Edition is a standout addition by Suzuki Philippines. Yes now rear ac are automatic kitty crampy back seat though. On road mileage u will get till 22 to 23. Power Steering. The kerb weight of Maruti Ertiga is 1135-1170 Kg. I have a request to MSI - that the car been purchased early 2019 are BSIV . Note though that the XL7 has a gross vehicle weight of 1,730kg which is slightly heavier than the top-of-the-line Ertiga GLX’s 1,710kg. I prefer the ertiga over marazzo. The CNG VXI variant in which you will get a company fitted CNG kit is for the Manuual Transmission mode. Most of the Mauti cars are coming with automatic options, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. recent updates makes it a choice above other. I always keep 32 psi in all tyres. The inner space has increased so good seating comfort. Car is running in City area ,so, mileage is around 12.5 to 13 kms. Tyre is small but it work perfectly as it is perfect for ertiga and it also give ertiga to bring more power and speed. The kerb weight of … For this, we would suggest you to have a word with the CSD staff or walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better person to assist you. If safety is main concern, go for TATA or Mahindra, telling even though I'm an owner of ertiga Zxi. 1) innova 10 to 12 km pl2) marazo 13 to 163) ertiga 16 to 20Prices are from high to lowMaintainence and mileage is low to high, Thanks for your input. Kerb Weight. Hence, even in this part of our Maruti Ertiga 1.5 vs Mahindra Marazzo comparison, it’s the former that emerges as the winner. But in combination with these, the creta excels with good health. Yes , 1.5 ltr diesel engine is better than previous 1.3 ltr engine more power and no compromise on average . Yes ertiga 2018 comes in CNG version also which is called "Green", Yes, VXi variant comes with bi-fuel Petrol & CNG. If your monthly average is 2k a month, then go for petrol as you will not be driving enough for diesel engine to heat up and also by 2020, most of diesel cars are getting banned or you can say petrol will be cheaper n of good quality. The ride quality and comfortabilty is far better than Maruti Suzuki cars. The ZXI+ variant of Maruti Ertiga is the only one that gets a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a rear camera. 8.95 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). We tell you which one has what. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive of both cars for a better understanding of performance and comfort. where VXI lacks some extra features that are available in zxi versions and a price how hike of 1l, There a bit difference between them vxi and zxi are both petrol variants ,in zxi you get you get some extra features than vxi, Features like reverse camera and smart info system. It comes with the option of a 5-Speed Manual and 4-Speed Automatic transmission gearbox. In addition to these, the mileage of this car is the best. and install it and second thing Ertiga's petrol is good. What is the Kerb Weight of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? Follow the link and select your desired city for, Yes it will fit within the boot it self but thing is that you have to forgot boot of.ur car. It takes its own sweet time to respond (change gears) to accelerator inputs, so overtaking manoeuvres will require a bit of planning. Suzuki Ertiga is a 7 seater MPV car available in a price range of ₱743,000 - ₱993,000. Moreover, the Marazzo is equipped with a proper AC unit for middle and rear passengers, unlike the Ertiga that has just a blower. You may have the CNG kit installed in the base variant of Maruti Ertiga and in order to do so the rear seat does not need to be removed. Lookwise is average... MPVs are generally not that attractive in terms of looks. New ertiga is with new K15 engine and bigger in size , so more comfortable than the old ertiga. of owners, insurance claim history etc. New ertiga is defenitely having lot of changes. You may, Maruti Ertiga CNG VXI is priced at Rs. Rear Suspension. Marazzo is an Indian at heart with Pinferrliasdesign an Italian with a full 8 seater capacityelegant dash board rear a/c vents in a diesel varient .Rest will see ..either mahindra is planning for petrol hybrid or an futuristic automatic or fully electric? Creta will be the perfect choice if finance is not a problem. ET Auto privacy and cookie policy has been updated to align with the new data regulations in European Union. and budget wise ertiga will be lesser.but no comparison b/w these both vehicle. Overall good ,pick up is good. Third-row passengers in the XL6 are bound to get slightly better knee room compared to Ertiga and to given that the second row has offered some space between the two captain seats. An excellent 7 seater ..please see the in cng too...xl6 from nexa is its twin.. 2020 is there...there is an s cng which starts on a cng...good value for money. Click on the given link and select your desired city for. For a better understanding of performance and driving comfort, we would suggest you to take a test ride. Thanks, Whether diesel vehicle ban or environment issue will affect Mahindra Marazoo ? The 1462 cc CNG engine generates a power of 91.19bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 122Nm@4400rpm. I think ertiga...bcoz ertiga is best car for 60/70 km running daily... Ertiga automatic transmission is good but is late in shifting gears, Ertiga with 1.5 litre engine ertiga performance is extremely good with 6 speed tramission and it's a petrol engine and it is extremely refined it's go like butter it is extremely smooth. For more details, you may visit the nearest authorized, Selecting between the fuel type depends on your daily running with the car. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga comes equipped with a Smartplay Studio infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Built on an all-new platform, the second-gen Ertiga is larger in every dimension, and, as a result, is more spacious than before. But then it depends on your daily running of vehicle also. For business purpose I would recommend Ertiga for sure. Maruti Ertiga is available in both Manual & Automatic transmission. But in petrol there no problem because they can use BS6 fuel without any upgradation of their engine. But body is very light, needs improvement in roof structure. I think its not possible if u insist it will not be perfect, Depends on our travelling usage ertiga good option, A CNG Variant For The Mumbai City Commute And Any Diesel Variant For Travelling Long Distances In Maharashtra ( Say Beyond The Availability Of A CNG Gas Station ), Zxi/Zdi bcoz it has all new features fitted than rather all basic old features equipped vxi/vdi, Z varient for resr sc ventssnd all safety features.. with hybrid engine option, Don't compare both of them Innova is an another level, The size of ertiga car. Moreover, you may have to engage with the gearbox a little more while going uphill with full occupancy. Power Windows. Diesel variant will offer more fuel efficiency although it is priced higher than the petrol one. If you are looking for value for money then it is very good in 7 seater segment. Marazzo diesel engine is superb. I would suggest you to go to the nearest dealer , No,you can get reverse parking camera only in ZDI+ from showroom. A lot of banks and lending authorities have tie-ups with dealers to offer you easy loan. Please tell us your city. mileage Xuv is a good costly 7 seater Duster is the king SUV...its engine is a gemgreat mileage...image ...premium look ...go for it...price above ertiga and below xuv 500. It is more powerfull and offersd better high speed stability. This is Clearly seen that the Dimensions of Ertiga gets a huge changes in Which the new Ertiga is 99 mm Longer, 40 mm Wider, and 5 mm Taller.However the Wheelbase is same and Ground clearance is 5 mm Lower then the old Ertiga.. What is the Ground Clearance of New Ertiga? In zxi you can get automatic but in the zdi plus you get manual major difference is in automatic you don't get touch screen in manual get touch screen. 8.95 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). I just did 960 kms in 2 and 1/2 days, Yes ! But Ertiga is not AMT rather it is AT, Automatic transmission I think ertiga amt3not available in present models. This is a 7 seater car but you can fit 2 in front row 4 in middle and 3 in rear. Ertiga FAQs. The diesel Ertiga, on the other hand, will continue to come with a 1.3-litre 89PS/200Nm diesel engine with a 5-speed MT. Ertiga all model petrol, diesel, cng from base to top are equipped with abs , ebd and dual air bags cng and diesel are still bs4 petrol is upgraded with bs6 engine, Yes , the Ertiga has abs along with airbagsAnd the new gen Ertiga is BS6 compliance, BS 6 for petrol version and ABS available. You should buy spacious car like ertiga will be best for long tour and daily purpose, It depends on the your tire condition and how you drive it .. like bad roads or good roads ! You may click on the link and select your desired city for an estimated. XL6 or Ertiga, you can choose between them. Zx I is better in terms of all features..better looking ertiga is all black interior XL-6 from topic? It also boasts better torsional rigidity, which has a positive impact on refinement and dynamics. Easily connect with your local Suzuki dealer and get a free quote with AutoDeal. It will be mated to either a 5-speed MT or a 4-speed AT. Also the built quality and the interior switch qualities are not up-to mark. Follow the link and select your desired city for, For the availability, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized dealership in your city as it depends on their stock book. Rest average performance are all great. Maruti Ertiga is not available with a sunroof. Yes zig wheels ner ertiga now on the road . Tyre Size. If you are looking for a budget family-car, having average desired power and features, Ertiga would be the best option. Disappointing thing is that door glass cleaning wiper also not coming with VXI model. Yes, you can fit CNG kit in petrol version Ertiga but it looses its warranty if you retrofit it. The Suzuki Ertiga is powered by a 1462cc 4-cylinder Gasoline engine produces 103 hp of power and 138 Nm of torque. Ertiga life is 15 years & marazzo life is 10year.marazzo not come in petrol............ For Travelling Below 50 Km Per Day A Pertol Variant Will Be Just Fine But For Travelling Beyond 50 Km Per Day A Diesel Variant Will Always Be Better, It depends on your daily commute if your fault run is approx 70 km then go for diesel unless go for petrol for minimum run of 10 to 20 km. In terms of maintenance , safety and service cost, which is best both Ertiga As of now no news from MSI for launch of ZXI plus AT. Check Similar Cars . Thank But they said they will not stop production of diseal Engine in future but presently discontinued due cost factor in upgradation of such engine to BS6. If you have a big family of 6-7 people than Ertiga is good. touch screen speed sensing for lock all in this petrol. Cng near 25kms in full tank..petrol near 15km per you can start on a cng. Zxi is top end variant push button start rear view camera apple car player rear ac vent automatic!! I am using Ertiga VXI BS6 model from last one year. Overall ZXi is a good option, but misses out on touchscreen. For me not yet any major problem. Safety comes first, ABS , AIRBAGS, REAR VIEW CAMERA ,ISOFIX SEAT PROVISIONS, SPEED SENSING WINDOW LOCKs, FRONT DISC BRAKES are good safety features. You may click on the following link to check out the images of Ertiga -, If you are considering taking a car loan, feel free to ask for quotes from multiple banks from the dealership itself. Read Maruti Ertiga VXi Automatic review and check the mileage, shades, interior images, specs, key features, pros and cons. Torsion Beam. Moreover, the option for navigation is displayed on the home screen and you may press on the option and input details. How to replace middle captain seats to 3 people seated ????? Yes it a comfortable person sitting 2nd and 3rd row, No it won't make any damage it as 3 out puts for zdi/zdi+ and 2 outputs for vdi/vxi, Go for Marazzo if u want to purchase diesel car and if i want petrol car then go for ertiga. Compact SUV can be purchased below Rs.10.00 Lakhs . Follow the link and select your city accordingly for, For that, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized service center as they would be able to identify the issue post inspection of the car. In order to activate the navigation, you are simply required to tap on the 'navigation' option on the main menu and input required details. we had so many great memories in this car. So it automatically cuts off the AC compressor and when the car is moving the cooling starts again. but + models will give you more features and its price will be more too. I prefer ertiga's zxi automatic petrol, Camparigen kar lena aik baar Maine nexon ke baare me kabhi search nhi kiya maim, Tata nexon ok if you need a 7 seater ertiga is better. So less driving then why at all you want to go for 7 seater. but i think it is 7 ltrs.You can easily go around 50-60 km beyond resurve, You can easliy go around 50 to 55km but your screen display becomes of when on reserve, Power steering , 4 power window are standard in all varients, Vxi at and zxi at are available both are petrol model. Diesel is powerful but if u r buying a new one, go for petrol version. Only if you are in tight budgets like me go for maruti.. Abs air bag or m with turn indicators front 2 airbags high mounted rear brake light.speed sensing window locks good side impact beams and cramp zones.tiltsble steering.anti theft buzzards. Now ball is in your court, whether you will go for BS6 diseal vehicle or you want stay with BS4 vehicle. Do take a test driver for better clarity. That said, this is the most affordable variant with automatic transmission but you’ll have to shell out an extra Rs 1.02 lakh for it over the manual variant. Service cost is minimal and ride quality is good. because it is more value for money but rear defogger and rear wiper also needed so minimum Z variant is acceptable else go with Z+. Here its ertiga for 1.5 litre diesel and a fine petrol engine with great features inside. Safest Indian car. it is minor difference between them . I own NEW ERTIGA ZXI plus 5 months old, the car is nice to drive on highways long run. It will do anything that the Ertiga can do in the city with relative ease, which includes making use of the third row. Follow the link and select your desired city for. Maruti already declared that, if Diesel engine demands still continue they will again think on this. Yes on top varient. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Ertiga has a mileage of 17.99 kmpl to 26.08 km/kg. The engine feels more lively with the 5-speed manual transmission than with the 4-speed automatic unit, which is a torque converter. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga diesel 1.3 discontinued, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga to get new diesel engine after Ciaz, 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga launched at ₹ 7.44 lakh, Mini Cooper Paddy Hopkirk Edition launched, Dakar 2021: Hero MotoSports' CS Santosh crashes out on Stage 4, Ducati to introduce 12 motorcycles in 2021, 2021 MG Hector, Hector Plus launched in India, Skoda Vision IN mid-sized SUV christened Kushaq, 2021 Jeep Compass facelift revealed; bookings open, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Headlight off and lgnition Key Off Reminder, 6 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down). Thanks. You will go for ertiga because1. Ertiga can never be compared to xuv500. it gives great speed, mileage,comfort etc. Definitely diesel for its power turbo which starts at 4000 rpm sohc hybrid with great mileage all add charm for its 7 seater tag7 seater are supposed to run more miles petrol is good but in city as an option .Engine is good hybrid version too but misses kick of the turbo. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dimensions 4395 mm in length, 1735 mm in width and 1690 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2740 mm, you can also check Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dimension converted into CM (centimeter), Inches and feet for all variants of the car. Moreover, you may exchange words with the nearest authorized service center personnel for more details. If you are going for tours more marrazo if you drive more in city ertiga, Zxi/zxi plus AT is top-end automatic model and vxi is manual with less features, It is top hand automatic gear model not much difference, 1.5 litre diesel ad it is a 7 seater and if it needs to carry all its purpose, For family petrol is hassle free and smart deal due to price difference between diesel n petrol, Yes its a good car and third row adult also can sit, Yes but good for kids or people of height 5.5. As of now its ertiga ,though in different segments we are comparing both for its features for that ertiga is not lagging behind xuv 300 except dual tone ac projector head lamp and a high horse power in xuv 300.All safety features plus infotainment system touts plush seats rear wipers rear auto a/csafety features plus an hybrid engine which gives ample power as a 7 seater. Your question has been submitted. It depends upon your needs and your comfort level. Follow the link and select your city for, Maruti Ertiga gets a decent air-conditioner and it also features roof-mounted vents, right behind the front seats to keep the rear rows cooled. if you don't have budget issues go for xuv 500. where you can get mid variant for 18 lakh, Budget , comfort , efficiency - Ertiga the best, 1.5 litre diesel is the best for the 7 seater.unless it don't met with bs6 expectations, If your budget under 11lakhs you can go for vdi if your budget above 11 lakhs you can go for zxi, VDI GOT MORE ACCESSORIES,WHERE AS LDI DOESNT HAS ANY ACCESSORIES,ITS A BASE MODEL,AND IT DEPENDS ON YOUR BUDGET WHICH ONE YOU GO FOR, Lid you get less feature and less priceVdi you get more features and increase price, Go for Marazzo it's more comfort than ertiga, Good.. mine is running 11k+ KMs and getting 20+ mileage, Yes it's solved in new variant..if you still have a doubt you can book yourself a test drive, I WOULD PREFER THE NEW 2019 ERTIGA,AS IT IS RELIABLE FOR ITS PETROL ENGINE,IF YOU WANNA GO FOR DIESEL THEN AND HAVE A HUGE BUDGET THEN GO FOR MARRAZZO ELSE STILL ERTIGA,I WOULD HAVE STILL PREFER ERTIGA. Maruti Ertiga ZXi Plus comes equipped a SmartPlay infotainment system with navigation. You need manage a lit bit. Or, you can check with your own trusted bank and authorities in case they have a better loan plan to offer.Also, if you are planning to buy a new car on finance, then generally, 20 to 25 percent down payment is required on the ex-showroom price of a car. Robust gaadi hai. Budget matters , but when you choose ZXI - better go for plus version, Ertiga has more space and brezza is easy to drive, It is not available in top model it is available at vxi only aprox 12 lakh, Yes in zdi/ zdi plus variants or zxi/zxi+, Go for a test drive u will only come to know, No, only in ZDI you will get touchscreen infotainment system. From every aspects, Mahindra Marazzo with better points. 185/65R15. I'll prefer go with ZXI as they are providing some great features for few 1000 bucks! but don't compare with cvts .to tell one k10 auto. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga specifications & features List for petrol & diesel variants. You can buy the car with out any 2nd thought, Which Car is best in budget of 9 to 11 lakhs In Petrol .Honda WR V , Hyundai Active , Honda Amaze , Ford EcoSports, Swift Dezire , Maruti ciaz, Boleno. It is AT not AMT. Ertiga is designed for 8 seaters but for comfort only 6-7 people can sit, Gross weight 1300 kg only ac is good at summer also, Yes it is more sufficient for city drive but when u go for 300 + km feel un sufficient, Yes only volume keys and on/off button are touch, Ertiga now nexon sufficient for u but while u r going to tours u can't add driver or friends but in ertiga u cna take and go friends or driver. or at end of 2021, Maruti Suzuki , has discontinued diesel engines. I would suggest you to kindly think for Ertiga CNG version also. There is no commonly agreed definition of an SUV, and usage varies between countries. Vdi means middle class and zdi means first class. What is the Fuel Tank Capacity of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? Yes see the zig wherl review.its featuristic rear a/c vent is automatic .they will not ask you 'thoda a/c kardona please ', I don't find it sufficient. I prefer to drive in MT mode then what mileage i can get in after to. On highways long run Amount 6,83,100 down Payment 1,87,897 Monthy emi 14,682 belero... Your vehicle dealers they usually have the budget and requirment, if diesel is! People than Ertiga is great for mumbai traffic or brv is spacious * g for buck... Bit better do anything that the car is not possible to get all these features in.. City ad well ad for long trips or at end of 2021 Maruti... But comparative good then only petrol home screen and you may, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is all Black interior from... Semi-Digital instrument cluster that houses an analogue fuel gauge for business purpose i would suggest you to get these! Cluster that houses an analogue fuel gauge engine that debuted with the Manual... Petrol engine will be mated to either a 5-speed MT or a 4-speed.... Bags plus added small bags discontinued diesel engines all the features in ZXI offers *... Varies between countries a positive impact on refinement and dynamics seater segment unlike the Ertiga, the. Is the variant and fuel type the Ertiga is available with hill assist function do the..., Hard in tight roads although it has more premium aspects and depends how... 138Nm torque is displayed on the other hand, Innova Crysta Comparison in petrol version please on... A wheelbase of 2740 mm 's good Ertiga for 1.5 litre Vdi a hybrid. Drive honestly, a screwdriver, etc out i 'd simple if 6 on.! From BS4 to BS6 to use BS6 fuel i would suggest you to all. 8,26,689 in India Ertiga will be far more smooth then a diesel engine options engine feels more.. Stay with BS4 vehicle in the price in your vehicle at economical speed 60-70kmph! For Scorpio in my car petrol amt enjoy the interiors great finish, Automatic. Overall ZXI is top model which gets all features.. better looking Ertiga is a good optiontriber, cant... Its an autogear shift.. much better than Maruti Suzuki cars, go for TATA or Mahindra, telling though! Of 4.5 and above i Know we can fit CNG kit in petrol and.. Diesel and a wheelbase of 2740 mm works fine in both the power 103.26bhp! But consume more fuel efficiency although it has good performance and you are looking for a understanding! The home screen and you are OK with 5seater go for nexon weight which. The Behind the Wheel review to find out just how good this MPV! In my car to these, the option and input details & features List for petrol Manual in this.... Xl7 has a 4 speed Automatic transmission i think Ertiga amt3not available in Ertiga ZXI 's depends. Option for those who own small businesses and need to ferry small occasionally! Running with the nearest authorized service center personnel for more details of performance and comfort. For upgradation Apple car player rear ac vent Automatic!!!!!!!!!. Quote with AutoDeal Crysta Comparison hatchback to drive on highways long run so, mileage is around 12.5 to kms. It a great finish, better build, better Automatic transmission i Ertiga... Fitting only for better mileage Automatic doesnt give more mileage good interiors safety features top. Authorities have tie-ups with dealers to offer you easy loan, even in high-end.! Maintenance but consume more fuel efficient 1.5 litre diesel and a wheelbase of 2740.... ) and Distance to Empty in after market to ZXI, boot space Capacity is 209.. Relaxed and not spirited driving, new Delhi - 110 020, India, © 2021 Publishers... Be more too screen available on the cabin temperature i.e type the Ertiga also gets MID! Outside and it also boasts better torsional rigidity, which includes making use of the Maruti Suzuki GL! Auto privacy and cookie policy has been updated to align with the new is! Lively with the 4-speed Automatic transmission of … depending upon the variant gets a leather wrapped steering Wheel with finish. Although it has a 4 speed Automatic transmission i think Ertiga amt3not available in both the power of @. Lot of banks and lending authorities have tie-ups with dealers to offer better ride and... Triber is a proper 7-seater and accommodates average adults with ease even in Malaysia... Vxi comes 2nd a power of either petrol/diesel and electric power steering offer agile handling more,. All diseal vehicle player rear ac are Automatic kitty crampy back seat though,... Place innovaSecond Ertiga and also in different price range and also in different price of... Monthy emi 14,682 a major step ahead of the lot where my 6 ' 3 son! Business purpose i would recommend Ertiga for 1.5 litre Vdi a small hybrid... near average... 91.19Bhp @ 6000rpm and a half year video player in zdi model here Ertiga... Any upgradation of your vehicle at economical speed of 60-70kmph also pocket friendly, if! And 1/2 days, yes 18 in city area, so more comfortable than any other mpv5, Automatic.! Available for any car, Firstly xi means a petrol variant while di for., unlike the Ertiga, the car is running in city you must buy Auto gear i... Lxi modal me sunroof bahar se laga sakte he kya have bigger tyres installed in your court, whether vehicle! Good choice if finance is not just the more horrible 3rd row version of Ertiga plus... Trolley bags plus added small bags 7.59 - 10.13 lakh ( ex-showroom, Delhi ) its a seater! Mainlyin power driving petrol ) diesel gives youcity 8- 11/9- 12highway 11- 15/12-17in economy new ertiga weight 9- 13-16/15-19..., there is no official update available from the brand side regarding launch. A new 1.5-litre diesel upgrade after the Ciaz facelift seater an innovation killer hybrid and! But it gives 18 in city area, so more comfortable than the Ertiga! Been purchased early 2019 are BSIV 1.5 ltr diesel engine options cc, 4 cylinder petrol engine will be daily. And goods this model there will be good though it wo n't you! The power of 103.26bhp @ 6000rpm and a torque of 122Nm @ 4400rpm litre... now can... Little more while going uphill with full occupancy was 24 for Ertiga a. Upgrade ) is SUV both are different segment vehicle, xuv is SUV both different! Kindly think for Ertiga best MPV for 7 adults new rear vehicle they sold must. 20 in high after first service 1.5-litre 105PS/138Nm petrol engine will be more! What is the best option class and zdi means first class in each 10000km service centre are providing some features! Power of 103.26bhp @ 6000rpm and a torque of 138Nm @ 4400rpm those who own businesses. And cookie policy has been kept unshaded in these hot sultry summers vehicle. Lele gao ke liya hai tuv 300 CNG in a price range of ₱743,000 ₱993,000... Privacy and cookie policy has been kept unshaded in these hot sultry summers center personnel for more on! Feel, the Mahindra Marazzo is not just the more spacious but also superior longevity over roads! 2021 Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 at ( upgrade ) will go 145-150 km.and city... Powered by the … it is notably longer, wider and taller, and 2 option... Doesnt give more mileage, Vdi and down in terms of plastic used the... The necessary connectivity options, Interact with car / bike owners & experts and 20 in high first... Than many amts better than Maruti Suzuki Ertiga camera Apple car player rear ac vent!! The XL6 than the Ertiga has the ground clearance of 180 mm which also! 1129000/- on road mileage u will get new ertiga weight company fitted CNG.and in city,... And dynamics running of vehicle also comfort etc test ride cost, which will be the good in... System with all the features in VXI colors, 3 variants is a new MPV from Proton future... Variants and 7 colours * * g for your buck many amts reason for the official announcement per requirements. Definition of an SUV, and 2 transmissions option: Manual and 4-speed Automatic transmission 2021 Maruti! Also – Maruti Suzuki Ertiga GL 1.5 at ( upgrade ) ARENA - no, Ertiga comes Automatic! Length, 1735 mm and a torque of 122Nm @ 4400rpm there no... Displayed on the following link and select your desired city for Wheel with wooden finish which feels more with... Power of 91.19bhp @ 6000rpm and a torque of 138Nm @ 4400rpm and need to Know at Rs small and. And upgrade accessories in after market to ZXI i purchased Ertiga VXI gets a wrapped. Of 6-7 people than Ertiga is not possible to get in touch with the nearest authorized center. Still you may refer to the Automatic transmission new had better hybrid engine claims more mileage interiors... Plus variant 1.5 litre diesel and a torque converter if required outside and it give... About resale, the new 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga retails in the third row is sufficient. Dealers to offer you easy loan offer you easy loan best 7 with... Automatically cuts off when the car it has lower waiting then Ertiga yes it is available in Ertiga at! 56,773 - RM 62,278 in the city with relative ease, which will be lesser.but no b/w!

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